Organ emulator

This is work in progress. The following instructions and specifications may be subject to changes.


Docker is the preferred development environment for this project. If you have the Docker engine already installed and configured on your machine you can jump directly to the next section otherwise you can follow the steps below

  1. Download Docker
    • for Mac from
    • for Windows from
  2. Follow the instruction and install Docker

Quick start

  1. In the root of this emulator folder (/resources/emulators/organ/) run the command docker-compose up in order to start the server.
  2. Wait that the Docker container is built then open the page at the URL localhost:3000/ in the browser.
  3. Test the emulator by opening the page at the URL localhost:3000/notes/C3/1 in the browser. A sound should be produced equivalent to the note C3 of length 1. If no sound is emitted please try to refresh both open pages.


Play a chord: POST localhost:3000/notes

Request body:

	"notes": ["C4", "E4", "G4"],
	"duration": "64n" // note/chord duration

Set instrument: PUT localhost:3000/sound

Request body:

	"instrument": "organ"